Learning about Writing Fellow Programs

Almost three exciting weeks are lying ahead of us. We, Franziska Liebetanz and Simone Tschirpke, two staff members of the Viadrina Writing Center (Frankfurt/Oder, Germany), are staying in the US, in order to learn more about writing fellow programs, about writing center work in general but also in order to reflect on our own practice back home.

For this educational journey, Franziska got a grant from ReiseLectureN/ VW. One important tasks is to find out, what writing fellows, teachers and the coordinators of other writing fellow programs think about the program: What works well? What needs to be improved? When can you call a writing program a writing fellow program and how flexible can a writing fellow program be? Answers to those questions can be useful in order to reflect, adjust and/or improve our own writing fellow program, that we started in 2013 in cooperation with the writing center of the Goethe University Frankfurt/Main. Furthermore, the knowledge and insights gained from other projects will also be helpful when transferring the idea of a writing fellow program to other universities.

In order to learn more about writing fellow programs and writing centers in general, we have the great opportunity to stay for a little more than a week at the writing center of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We will meet its director Brad Hughes, from whom we learned so much about writing fellow program. Additionally, we will visit the Center for Writing-based Learning at the De Paul University in Chicago as well as the Norman H. Ott Memorial Writing Center at the Marquette University and the Writing Center of the University Wisconsin-Milwaukee, which are both located in Milwaukee. We’ll end our journey with a visit to the IWCA Conference in Pittsburgh where Franziska and Anja Poloubotko, coordinator of the Multilingual Writing Center of the Leibniz University of Hannover, will do a presentation about the history of German Writing Centers.

One Response to Learning about Writing Fellow Programs

  1. Have a great time and enjoy the trip. I bet you will come home with thousands of ideas!

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