Writers‘ Circus


Jana, Juliane and Diana presenting the writers‘ circus at the peer writing tutor conference 2016 in Freiburg, Germany


The Writers‘ Circus is a writing event developed at the writing center at European University Viadrina in Germany. The writers‘ circus invites big groups to exchange ideas about writing in a playful and creative way. Participants come together in small groups and create circus performances, each group orientated at one circus character. Eventually, all groups come together and share their results by creating a common circus show.

The writers‘ circus is fun and a meaningful warm-up for conferences as well as for writing center team meetings.

We had fun with the writers‘ circus at several events:

Would you like to run a writers‘ circus? Download here:

English Version: writers-circus_cc_license

German version: schreibzirkus_deutsche_version_cc-license

Have fun!

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